Kevin McCullough

Just "one" man stands in the way of greater border enforcement in America's southwest. From Texas to California, the states that border Mexico are far more familiar with the crime, the violence, the infiltration and the drugs. And that was all before "The One's" justice department began to allow dangerous automatic weapons to be smuggled to terrorists who would then turn and use them against American citizens. To date over 1400 weapons that "The One" allowed to be trafficked have yet to be "recovered."

Just "one" man stands in the way of allowing states to also choose the best way to pass laws, protect its citizens, and reduce crime and public resource drain by controlling the issue of illegal immigration. "The One" is going to need to absorb a fairly firm body blow on suing a state to attempt to remove that state's sovereignty, but the nation could help the process along by just removing the one man who prevents as much.

Just "one" man stands in the way of genuine health care reform--based on free markets--that reinstate incentive, competition, quality care, and genuine doctor/patient interaction to be the core concern of medical treatment in America. Not content with having his lawyers embarrassed in arguments and questioning earlier this spring, this last week "The One" sent additional arguments through the mechanism of "reply briefs" attempting to argue on paper that the disruption to current Medicare services would be too great for the court to possibly consider deciding against "The One."

Just "one" man stands in the way of the opportunity for small businesses to grow, and for jobs to return to the American main street as a way of life.

Just "one" man stands in the way of allowing people of conscience to not be forced to pay for the death of unborn children, condoms for irresponsible people (so irresponsible they evidently are incapable or prioritizing their own spending habits so as to buy their own condoms), or $3000 worth of birth-control for any woman who has her hand out.

Just "one" man stands in the way of an increase in American production. Just "one" man stands in the way of America renewing her friendship with Israel. Just "one" man stands in the way of ending America's continued subservience to Saudi kings, or Japanese emperors. Just "one" man stands in the way of lower gas prices, more vibrant markets, and a resurgence in the spirit of the American entrepreneur.

Campaign Team Obama may have wished to paint the then Senator as "The One" in 2008, and argue that he would bring with him the keys to prosperity and success. But from racism, to immigration, to employment, to even the nation's highest court, the "one" was incapable of accomplishing anything helpful, more often frozen with paralysis than leading from the front.

It's time to remove at least just "one" man, and watch the flow of healing and progress begin.

For if just "one" man is capable of blocking energy development, job growth, economic development, reductions in illegal immigration, the free expression of people's personal religious and moral beliefs, strong relationships with our most cherished allies, and even the right for states to govern themselves...

Imagine what he'd do with just "four more!"