Kevin McCullough

Several media outlets have given us in-depth reports over the course of the last two weeks as to the width and depth of the GSA wrong-doings. And instead of the Obama administration firing the political appointees that are in charge of the mess, we learned that they were given paid leave, paid thousands in tax-payer funded bonuses, and when asked to account for the deeds before Congress, they pleaded the fifth.

Townhall's Katie Pavlich and her extensive reporting, and now new best-selling book has uncovered yet a third firearm to be uncovered in the murder of our own Border Patrol agents, and U.S. Attorney General has yet to answer for his actions, the President's fecklessness, and the administration's cover-up, denial, and refusal to take responsibility in the matter.

Fox News continues to report the details on the use of tax-payer resources to allow the Secretary of Defense to return home some 27 times since being named to the post at a cost of $32,000 per trip.

The White House's own website gives us the details of yet another unabashed power grab the President took for himself in the execution of Executive Order 13,547. The order essentially gives President Obama even more power of our oceans, our coasts, and Great Lakes. The policy is preventing oil and gas development, and almost any new kind of exploration of energy in the regions. Congress, awaking to the impact of the implementation in 2010, is now warning of the dire impact the effects of the vaguely defined order are beginning to have.

The New York Post reported this weekend how even the President had attempted to redirect nearly $8.3 billion dollars from the Health and Human Services department in order to stave off adverse impact of some of the more oppressive aspects of Obamacare until after the election in November. Evidently the Government Accountability Office saw through the ploy as a bit of a questionable use of funds and has slapped back at the administration disallowing the redirection.

Oh then there's all the economy, unemployment, soon-to-come tax increases on small businesses, and the rest of the stuff that voters are dealing with in their day to day lives.

So Mr. President, enjoy your week of laughs.

Just don't be too offended if we don't find it funny.