Kevin McCullough

I've lost a child to death, and let me be the first to say that no one can empathize exactly with the family of Trayvon because it's hard to know how to walk a mile in their shoes. We can wish them all the best, but none of it matters when you no longer have your son's smile greeting you as he saunters through the door.

But one thing that is distinctly unhelpful to the Martin family is to claim the investigation, the findings, the evidence, or the process is rigged, prior to the answers being released from the multiple investigations that are still currently in process.

But another thought also strikes me...

Trayvon was shot on February 26. But the son of Melissa Coon was set on fire by two assailants in their late teens on his way home on March 4. The woman's son was only two blocks from his home when two assailants ran him down, doused him in gasoline, and lit him on fire.

The two assailants are thought to be classmates of the boy in the local high school.

The boy's future may hold an outlook that is rather dismal, and filled with pain. It appears he may in fact yet survive and pull through, but to what quality of life?

Everyone is questioning the motive of the shooter in the Trayvon Martin case, he had opportunity, he had access, and he was a lawful owner of a concealed carry weapon. 

He also did clearly disobey the police dispatch directly, and probably on that charge alone should be in jail. But if that is the case, the investigation will show that to be the case. The shooter also may have purely shot the boy because he merely hated the color of his skin, and if so--I believe he would be eligible for the death penalty. (A sentence Rev. Al Sharpton regularly campaigns against.) 

And though that is a possible theory, there is no evidence of bias or malice towards race uncovered yet.

Eight days later, in the case of the child who was burned, the victim was white, the assailants black, the media silent, and the President indifferent.

But the assailants repeatedly told the victim, "You deserve to die. You get what you deserve white boy." 

Even though the victim had made it to the porch of his own home, the black youths rushed him, and burned his face in a huge fireball from the gasoline, fumes, and a pocket lighter. Will the lighter control activist groups take up this hate crime in earnest?

Unlike President Obama I actually am the father of both an African-American and a Caucasian son, if either of these crimes had been perpetrated against either of them, my outrage would've been the same--even equal.

But President Obama's selective outrage seems to follow the television cameras--and in this instance--the trail of rent-a-mobs that accompany Rev. Sharpton.

And as my new friend Cal said, "Ah yes, but it is an election year!"