Kevin McCullough

In a completely apolitical way Navy SEALs penetrate boundaries, carry out missions, and sometimes take lives of those who are committing the most heinous of crimes. The toll it takes on them as they carry out their mission is never seen--it's not really allowed to be, and the media seems little to care.

This film and every amazing frame of its mind-blowing photography, authentication, action, and yes story is an overt thank you to the SEALs--and by extension the Soldiers, Marines, and others--who put their life on the line, with only the backing of one another to cause them to believe they will make it home.

It's easy for the writers at Rolling Stone, CNN, Gawker, the Huffington Post, and even Mr. Moviefone to mock, deride, and seek to undo the tribute this movie paints.

But it does not make it less than the ugly gesture that it is for these leftist populated outlets to spill their bile upon.

Maybe I'm angry, because I have loved ones in harms way today as I pen these words. Not low-life drop outs that Charlie Rangel would have you believe all military service personnel are, but academically high-achieving, physical specimens that take their knowledge, their strength, their character, and their valor into the line of fire, to keep us from harm tonight.

I don't know what total box office proceeds will be when the final chapter of Act Of Valor's narrative is written, but I know that it is a great piece of filmmaking; it has action that succeeds better than anything Matt Damon ever made. And while the suave smoothness of the well-turned phrase isn't perfect, knowing that we owe our lives to the men who had the courage to reveal their identities even in making this film, gives me greater appreciation for its well-produced message.

Friends, don't buy the tripe. Act Of Valor is a demonstration of courage in that it even exists.

It is difficult to put into words how GOOD this film is.

It is even harder to put into words how important this film is. 

And how much we owe... to "the damn few!"