Kevin McCullough

They will go into great detail as to how the early Mormon beliefs held that black people were Lamanites, according to the Book of Mormon a group of people who were "dark" because of their rebellion against God. Words like "the mark of blackness" (which still exist in the Book of Mormon) were intended to tell of a person or people of "blackness" who were on a path of unrepentant destruction. Theories of the "curse" of dark skin, and all that "curse" could be understood to mean will be bandied about on talk shows.

Finally, Brian Williams, Scott Pelley, and Diane Sawyer will introduce news packages that examine "very carefully" the entire idea of why it took Mormons until 1978 to allow "people of African descent" to participate fully in their faith, and even then only after a "revelation."

The major media newsers will ask, "What kind of revelation did it require if the rest of the nation had settled the full issue of civil rights first in the 1870's and then again in the 1960's?"

Please note carefully that many of these news pieces will likely not even mention Governor Romney's name, and if they do, many will be in a very cursory manner. But the damage will be done because of Axelrod's second piece to the puzzle.

Ready to pounce, Obama minions--armed with the best e-list in political history--will see to it that those reports will go viral by way of web replays. Every major urban area and all the supposed "civil rights leaders" in each city will communicate with leading clergy, community, and inner city leaders. Within days, not weeks, but days of Romney securing the nomination the whispering campaign on the streets will be, "You know Romney's a Mormon, and you know how much they hate black people--sorry--I meant people of African descent."

Mormonism's natural schism with Christianity will also put Black Evangelicals in a tough spot and while the inclination would be to be more enthusiastic if an Evangelical or even Catholic were the nominee, the dual "problem" of Mormonism will suppress turnout, and possibly prevent a 2-3% swing in the black vote in 2012. That swing will be necessary to replicate Bush totals amongst blacks in 2004 and to give the GOP nominee a chance at victory.

Axelrod's whisper campaign will not make headlines, it will travel almost exclusively through back channels in ethnic communities from suburb to city, and it will propel Barack Obama to a second term by the narrowest of margins.

It will be irrational.

It will be illogical.

It will be based on more falsehood than truth.

And it will be effective...

Conservatives and Republicans were natural allies of black voters during reconstruction. Post civil war Republican chapters were largely dominated and peopled by former slaves, and in less than twenty years following slavery's end, multiple former slaves served as Congressional representatives as Republicans.

Couple that with the fact that the Ku Klux Klan was originated, advanced, defended, and arrogantly boasted of by exclusively Democrats, and one would think that a thoughtful black vote today would run as far and as fast as possible in the opposite direction.

Unfortunately, few votes cast by African Americans in the modern era are thoughtful. And because President Obama and David Axelrod know this better than most, and because they know how easily manipulated mass numbers of African American voters are today, they will have no issues whatsoever going racist against Mitt Romney, should he become the GOP nominee.

It also should not surprise us that they are even now laying the foundation for this attack, as Democratic strategist Tad Devine did this week in "The Hill."

This problem is not a small one. Axelrod and Obama are already executing this game plan. And Republican voters owe it to themselves to pick the best nominee in accordance to their values. Republicans should also ferociously push back on false claims of racism. More than anything, Republicans should systematically engage in political evangelism with African Americans they know, to discuss tax policy, earnings and savings appreciation, and demonstrate why another four years of Obama will hurt them worse than they are hurting now.

There will be some who think this entire explanation defies seriousness. Some talk-radio hosts may say so. Some best-selling authors who are attempting to convince GOP voters to give up before the race even begins may dismiss it out of hand. But they would be wrong!

And though I'm sure it will get me in trouble...

It had to be said!

Now the question remains: what will you do?