Kevin McCullough

The lie contained therein is so harmful, it is hard to know where to even begin. But let’s tip the jar just a little:

Suicide rates amongst males who engage in homosexual sexual activity in teen years through age 17--in recent studies--have pointed to be as high as 4.1 times the rate of heterosexual teens of the same age. Amongst teens and young adults, multiple sources, multiple researchers, and even homosexual activists groups themselves admit the rate is thought to be 3 times the rate of heterosexual young adults. Some studies have attempted to debunk this number, but when you search the deeper layers of evidence, they claim "no one can know the percentage of gay teen suicides."

Other disturbing statistics show that male homosexuals incur 67 times the number of cases of intestinal parasites, 27 times the cases of entamoeba histolytica, and 13 times the cases of giardia lamblia, a disease that is deadly in third world countries.

If the producers of GLEE really claimed to “love” homosexual males they would develop a story line where two boys were committed to each other but sexually abstinent for the sake of safety alone.

But not this GLEE and not these producers...

It is more important to them to push the envelope, tell a few more lies, like "choice doesn't matter" and "the only thing important is that you do what feels good" and the health, safety and well being of young people be damned.

The Entertainment Weekly preview also favorably discusses how the two homosexual male characters are "aggressively" pursued by a third, and the three depart on a triple date to Lima's (the town GLEE is supposedly set in) only "gay" bar Scandals.

Entertainment Weekly professes:

"I can't think of another network series that's taken a teenage gar relationship so far or been so progressive." In essence, code language for, "we're making this fantasy up right from the gay garden of our own imagination, completely disconnecting it from anything resembling reality, and idealizing it to such a dishonest length, even homosexuals (who know the truth of the struggles of their choices in life) will not recognize it."

Teen sexual projection in the "family hour" (8pm EST) is problematic enough for a show pronounced as "family friendly" in 2010 by the Hollywood community.

Telling flat out lies about the outcomes of such sexual interaction is too much.

And while it is uncomfortable to be presented with these facts on the demographic this show is attempting to reach, it is much more sad, to open yet one more newspaper to read a story of a teen who got caught up with such choices--to never be told the truth--and who decided to end it all.

And for the teens who will be impacted by these subtle messages of the hit TV show, it is completely fair to hold GLEE, it's writers, and producers responsible for the subterfuge.