Kevin McCullough

I know that in the midst of all the arguments about how the government can't even consider not sending out it's 80,000,000 checks this next week its hard to grasp pictures of two nations most Americans normally see as inferior--actually doing better than us--but reality dictates a closer look be had.

Canada was in almost an identical economic free fall in 2009. We "stimulated" our economy by propping up companies making horrible products and falsely thinking we solved the problem. Obama promised 8% unemployment--worst case--if we passed the stimulus. Canada chose not to, and the rate at which their nation has rebounded has outpaced America on all levels.

Meanwhile to our south, Mexico is seeing the greatest economic middle class expansion in it's history, and their unemployment levels are roughly HALF what ours in America are.

Still think President Obama is improving our image on the international stage?

Mexico has been an infinitely more disorganized, poorly led, poorly secured, and poorly resourced nation for most of its existence in modern times. I mean the words of the Consulate to Sacramento say it all--they're throwing parties that they've become a "middle class nation."

Meanwhile America is on exactly the opposite trend.

How long does this last? About as long as President Obama is left in office, I'm guessing.

One final thought, America's solution might just be one of Mexico's neighbors. Governor Perry in Texas has created half of all the new jobs in the entire nation in the past three years, should he ever decide to take a stab at it, (being President) his proximity to Mexico might just end up being... an asset.

Of course by then President Obama will be sitting in his urban living room collecting his unemployment checks like most of the rest of the people his policies have so miserably failed. The ones he's failed most being just blocks away from his Chicago address.

Just imagine the campaign spots, (Music fade, minor key dramatic)(Big throaty announcer:) "Who would've ever guessed that Mex-i-co would surpass the United States in job creation, just two and half years into his administration? No... He... Can't! Vote for anyone other than Obama in 2012, and take back your con-ti-nent!" (Music swell.)