Kevin McCullough

Huckabee made it clear that he intends to stay involved in the process, assisting candidates, keeping his political action group active and weighing in on races from Congress to President. It just won't be assisting him.

I've written at length in my new book about the biggest deficit we face as a nation, and it is not one that is measured in dollars, commerce, or trade--it is one of character and having someone who clearly delineates right and wrong, common sense from stupidity, and speaking directly and plainly to the hearts of the voters is something we desperately lack.

With such a person, Gov. Huckabee, stepping aside, a wide open field becomes even more important. Honest answers to genuine questions become more crucial, and most importantly tremendous insight and solutions to the biggest challenges of our national identity must be found.

The GOP is now at a distinct disadvantage with Huckabee out. The field now includes no one who consistently matches up well against the President, and in some ways you know the Obama camp must be thrilled at the prospect of not having to send the incumbent into a general election debate against the much smarter wit of the Governor.

But all is not lost, not even close. Ideas matter. Words mean things. Policies impact lives. And decisions have consequences.

President Obama even this week made a series of tremendously dishonest faux pas, on one hand claiming our domestic drilling levels were at historic highs--only to be shown that they are roughly half what they were in 1970. He can and must be held accountable.

In some ways the race is perfectly aligned for a political outsider to come in and do well. Herman Cain by most accounts won the first debate held in South Carolina, and perhaps Huckabee's exit is his gain.

Once the announcement was made, my producer came to my studio and queried, "What do you think?"

My answer was simple, "I think we all need to do our homework, know the issues, know the positions of the candidates, and become advocates for the ideas we believe will solve our biggest problems."

In short, absolutely nothing has changed, and it's time to get to work.