Kevin McCullough

The truth is, the President should've kept his mouth shut and not butted in to the business of the state of Wisconsin. He's not a resident of the state, and it's not a matter that concerns the federal government, hence he has no compelling interest to interfere.

On the other hand, Governor Walker does. His decision to send troopers fanned across the state in search of legislators not showing up for work was entirely appropriate.

The progressives in Wisconsin may not like the direction the new government is headed in. But they lost at the ballot box in November as Wisconsin swept conservatives to power in the majority of local, state, and federal races in 2010. A stunning reversal for what had become one of the real playgrounds for liberals in years past.

All of this makes President Obama's interference, busing in out-of-staters, and making appearances in Wisconsin media so distasteful. It's as though the President wishes to dictate his will upon a state where the voters strongly disagree. Isn't that the action of tyrants?

And what of the lack of integrity in the lives of the protestors? Thousands of teachers calling in "sick?" Hundreds of thousands of school children were abandoned by those who had taken public responsibility to teach them. Additionally Democratic State Senators abandoned their post, their oaths, and their obligations.

Much of this chaos pushed forward by organizations dedicated to the re-election of the President.

Something tells me this will backfire badly against the Democrats, the President, and the unions. This wave of ginned up angst, abandonment of responsibility, and the attempt to strong-arm the tax-payers of state of Wisconsin will be remembered for a long time to come.

On Friday morning, my television and radio shows took calls from Wisconsin citizens, most of whom lived in Madison or very near, some of whom were teachers and more than willing to go along with the Governor's modest request. Though they didn't like the idea of what amounted to pay cuts, they weren't willing to send their state into chaos over the matter.

In essence they seemed more willing to be decent citizens, cooperating, as to the fiscal realities the state is facing.

The dictatorial, thuggish, tyrannical organization of out-of-state mobs as sanctioned by President Obama may be familiar to his Chicago roots, and similar to the methods of Jesse Jackson, but it runs exactly the opposite to the ideal of decency.

And if she were honest, even Rachel Maddow would be forced to agree...