Kevin McCullough

At least for today there would be no more stealing from those who produce to do something truly ridiculous like say give unemployment benefits for longer than two years to people who are able to work but decline jobs that pay less because "the government will pay me more" not to.

Nothing genuinely scares me more than Congress holding the President's feet to the fire, correcting the economy and finally begin creating jobs, only to have the President take credit for it and cruise to reelection. But I know how the game works--whoever is on call when the economy sputters or grows generally gets the credit for it.

Nope at this point the situation is too bad to worry whether or not President Obama gets credit. The opposition to the maniacal crazy that's been running loose in Congress for the past two years has to be put down. In a pasture with a blanket if necessary. We're talking choked of all available oxygen. And spiking into their faces the pathetic volley they had served up Saturday is an encouraging sign.

It is so if for no other reason than it included Republicans, Democrats, Lame Ducks, and Independents--in other words, America.

We the people are not confused about how the recent elections went. We know Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid are to some extent, throwing victory parties and all. But the message sent was clear--do not raise taxes, create jobs, and get the economy going again.

And the clock continues ticking.

President Obama has lost valuable time and his party has lost complete face. America has voted them down, and is expecting action to be taken.

And now with Republicans, Democrats, Lame Ducks, and Independents all opposing President Obama's desire to implement the highest single round of tax increases in American history, will he listen?

The United State of the Consensus of Americans is waiting Mr. President.