Kevin McCullough

The truth is Tyler was doing something he did feel shame and embarrassment for. Just like the thirteen year old who gets caught with a stash of pornography in his bedroom, or the college student that gets his girlfriend pregnant, Tyler was seeking sexual satisfaction in secretive ways that he hoped certainly would never come to light.

The truth is many teens find themselves making decisions to engage sexually when they know it's dangerous to do so.

Yet deciding to do so anyway doesn't make the decision any less dangerous to do.

The activists would like laws to be passed so that condoms are handed out for free, that actions and behaviors are not just allowed but strongly encouraged, and that any and all objections to said behaviors be able to be silenced under some false charge of bigotry or hate-mongering.

Yet the truth is, loving parents, loving friends, and a compassionate society would focus their efforts on helping that student save sexual activity until they had reached a place in life where the responsibilities that would accompany that decision were well within reach.

From every public sign the Clementi family are just that. A family who loved Tyler, wanted him to know the best of life, and that started with knowing God and what His purposes were for him.

The tastelessness of programs like Ellen Degeneres and Dr. Phil, the disrespect of publications like People magazine and others who rushed to state a definitive narrative about Tyler Clementi betrays they wanton desire of an activist underbelly in the media to pass laws more akin to sexual anarchy, than that of genuine love for fellow man.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

Tyler Clementi was not Matthew Shepard, their lives had little resemblance to one another's - with the one exception of the radical anti-God activists who wish to use both their deaths to offer more destructive choices to future generations of young people, and to silence those who love them from ever speaking truth to them.

That truth being that they are made in the image of God, and while they sin--as do we all--that sin need not be what separates them from Him for eternity.

God's love is louder... and longer... and far more real, than activists, media, and lawmakers who pimp a child's death to force their agenda and accusations of false bigotry upon the world mourning the extinguished lamp of one of God's children.