Kevin McCullough

For all of the public polling that made news this week, the idea that one in five people think that President Obama is an active, albeit perhaps closeted, Muslim is one of pretty far-fetched ridiculousness. However it is one of the less ridiculous viewpoints that could be forwarded in the public debate these days. And one that is ultimately distracting thoughtful Americans from the larger truth about Islam.

Simply put Muslims number close to 1 billion and nearly 2 million muslims on the planet wish to kill those who refuse to convert... like me.

No Mr. President, these are not merely people that have taken a "good world religion" and "hi-jacked it" or "perverted it." To say as much is to be even more dishonest than all the ninnies running around claiming that you have some secret wardrobe in the people's house where you choose to bow the knee to Mecca or Medina.

Rather they are 2 million faithful who seek reward for the strictest adherence to the most resolute of all beliefs.

Sure President Obama, you've given the average conspiracist more than enough reasons to question whether you might have pro-Islamic leanings. Starting from the stupid secrecy you've insisted upon surrounding your own birth certificate with, to the Islamic schooling you received as a boy, to your refusal to practice the Christianity you claim to hold dear, to your unsolicited comments last week directly endorsing the specific effort of pro-Hamas forces who wish to build a Mosque at Ground Zero, yes you've certainly done your part.

But you and I both know that none of those things on their face add up to you adopting the Islamic faith as your belief. But likewise the honesty and integrity that should be the test when it comes to your own expression of faith should be applied equally to those who do practice the form of Islam that sought to kill thousands of Americans on 9.11.2001.

The fact that your own lexicon at the White House has eliminated words like "terrorist, extremist, jihadist, islamic fundamentalist," etc. doesn't mean that the terms and definitions do not accurately and appropriately fit.

You've made the biggest mistake that Islamic radicals wish you would. Simply put, they desire you to ignore their presence, pretend to say that real Muslims do not practice such horrific behaviors and thus give them a shade more cover to plan their next move.