Kevin McCullough

What the tapes do have on them are Mel Gibson's voice saying horrific things, but if you were like me scratching your head trying to figure out what caused the seemingly absurd changes in mood, random thought patterns, and extreme elevations of intensity on the tapes absent hardly any audio from the girlfriend, you weren't crazy. The tapes were doctored and much of what likely caused Mel's trigger temper to explode is missing from the discussions.

My point?

If Oksana and her merry band of dishonest audio pirates were purposefully luring Mel into what were designed to be premeditated discussions, designed to set off the unsuspecting actor, only to then be dishonestly released to the public, then no judge has any business taking Oksana's word on a he said, she said account of something like waiving a gun and issuing a death threat. (What she claimed his "show you how to get out of here real fast" comment supposedly was.)

For the record the comment sounds to me like he's referring to her getting out of the house.

There is no doubt that Mel is a troubled man. The left hate him because he made a movie about God's message of redemption for sinners. Redemption has actually been a consistent theme in many of Mel's works over the years. So when the chance comes to pound the man to a bloody pulp, the Perez Hiltons, Joy Behars and "others who hate Christians" of the world can't resist. Behar going so far this week on her own show as to proclaim herself perfect (link) . I kid you not... she said it.

Mel Gibson's problems are bigger than he can deal with on his own. From his racially tinged remarks ("tinged" because he never said that you should be "killing" other races... "and they babies"

(link) (Gotta love the Philadelphia public school English grammar classes!)) that he has apologized for, to his issues with alcohol, and most recently his seemingly out-of-context temper Mel is a broken man, with a lot of problems to sort out.

Even in all the ways he's fallen short of being a role model, his own ex-wife defended his honor and behavior as a father and human being (link) this week with a certified letter to the court.

The judge is basing his entire case on confiscating Gibson's guns on the hearsay of a woman who is seeking to hurt Gibson very publicly at this time. Two top forensic experts pointed out this week that she has been dishonest already in how she has leaked information to the public to hurt Gibson.

It is an illegitimate, and unconstitutional demand to force Gibson to get rid of his guns, and the judge knows it.

But if the judiciary in this nation truly cared about weapons and intimidation, a host of prosecutors would be indicting members of the Justice Department for racist policies by continuing to allow intimidation by violent groups, i.e. the New Black Panthers (the mirror image of the Ku Klux Klan), to threaten "to kill crackers."

"...AND they babies!"