Kevin McCullough

In response the weak-kneed imps over at the State department marched out a pimply faced junior spokesman who pronounced some very firm words about Venezuela needing to play nice or have more junior spokespersons from the State department issuing other voice-crackling words. He also attempted to intimidate Chavez into submission, "This is the latest in such an instance where international investors, their investments are being nationalized by the government of Venezuela. It doesn't speak or bode well for the investment climate there."

Oh that'll show 'em. Job well done pimple boy, now off with your nerdy state department pals to some neighborhood pub in DC where you can brag about your moment in the sun.

Problem is, in a world where deficit spending by governments is more rampant than oxygen, and in a universe where it means nothing to own the value, material goods, and intellectual and physical property of your own work, this is only going to happen more often.

Because truly how different is it for Chavez to steal under the nose of the watching world billions of dollars worth of equipment, property, and rights, and simultaneously refuse to pay what he'd already promised?

Better yet, how different is either of those two concepts than the financial scale and model that President Obama has signed into law with the passing of his health care "reform?"

Stealing from people is still theft. President Obama can afford to be laid back about his buddy Chavez stealing from an oil company, because they are an oil company. Patriotism, loyalty to his own nation, responsibility to the citizens under his stewardship, and the moral principle of not taking what does not belong to you--all be damned.

Chavez has "nationalized" (i.e. stolen) dozens of companies within Venezuela's borders going on years now. But this is the first time he's performed a hostile take-over of foreign-owned company or its properties.

In the neighborhood where I grew up, if Chris Greene or Daniel Boone (two bullies who lived in my neighborhood) tried to take my box of baseball cards, especially the one that had my 1972 mint Nolan Ryan card in it, they'd a had a fistfight on their hands they wouldn't be forgetting about anytime soon.

But apparently when it comes to billions of dollars of U.S. property, resources, and revenue (that taxes would be paid on for Washington programs) Obama can't even be bothered to wake up from his mid-summer nap.

What's next giving California back to Mexico?