Kevin McCullough

Few things are less tasteful than arrogance amongst the empowered. Few things are sillier than believing one's own praise. Few people are more misguided than those who teach false doctrine, and few pose more danger than those who willfully deceive in order to gain power.

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On all four points President Obama stands head and shoulders above us all.

It seems, however, that he saves his ugliest bit of guile, disdain, and self-exultation for when he is forced to deal with "We The People." For as much as he would like to believe it to be the case, he is not higher than us, but rather our servant. And though he bristles at the notion that anyone should be allowed to instruct his behavior or review his job performance, in November of this year the voters of America will do both.

Realizing this, if I were one of President Obama's advisors, I would caution him greatly on his continuing smug and arrogant defiance of the voters, especially as they express their thoughts on the greatest domestic crisis we face nationally: the economy.

This week, when addressing Democratic supporters who paid him (at least his party's campaign fund) between $250-$1250 dollars to hear him speak, the President dropped the curtain and let another shade of his true colors show.

Last year, when the tea parties began forming and the first of what would be over 5000 of them took place across the nation, he claimed to have barely been made aware that they were there. He claimed so despite the fact that the most watched cable news company reported live from gatherings that ranged from thousands to hundreds of thousands of attendees. (Attendance at these events was a fact that the White House would directly misguide people concerning throughout the year of 2009.)

But this year, instead of playing dumb, the President took a different tactic: arrogance and marginalization. Speaking to people who paid big money to hear him, he said, "I've been a little amused over the last couple of days where people have been having these rallies about taxes. You would think they would be saying thank you."

Thank you? For what, exactly, Mr President?