Kevin McCullough

As a principled journalist, recognized by the left and right as a man of deep personal integrity and highest personal standards of professionalism, he proved that a man could tell the news of the day, and not sell their soul to a party in the process.

The very essence of which, is exactly what Tiger and President Obama are missing.

In life it doesn't really matter if you attain the highest heights if in the process of doing so you lose your wife, your family, your children, or you destroy the world your children will grow in to.

What matters is not who in this world likes you, but whether God is satisfied with your condition. It is not so much about winning your fellow human being's popularity as much as it is important to have personal character.

Our nation faces grave circumstances.

On President Obama's watch no less than four terror attacks have been unleashed against Americans in America. Yet the lack of seeing or distinguishing right from wrong (the very essence of personal integrity) has prevented the President from protecting us.

President Obama would do well to heed the advice of Brit Hume.

And oddly enough, I believe that Hume, regardless of who he voted for, would find himself very much at ease relaying to President Obama why a committed walk to Jesus Christ, might just be the most life-changing thrill he could ever experience.

In fact I challenge President Obama to invite Mr. Hume to the people's house and see for himself.

I think both Brit and Jesus are totally up to the task!