Kevin McCullough

As most of America knows, the unemployment number was headed past 8% almost the minute that President Obama made that promise, and the watershed of reports on the actual jobs created by the stimulus are showing that over 50% of the jobs created this far have been in education and other public sector entities. The reports are also displaying a huge cost.

Assuming the White House's numbers to be accurate (which I have no confidence in whatsoever) the $1.6 billion portion of the stimulus-allocated funds created those 1 million jobs at the rate of $160,000 per job. Since roughly one third of those jobs were in the state of California in the public education sector and the average salary per those jobs runs $38,000 per year, how is any of this a savings? How is any of this efficient? How does any of this begin to correct the larger sectors of society?

It doesn't.

His broken promises and pay-to-play give-backs to the teacher's unions are only two-thirds of the problem for the President. The biggest of which is his purposeful ignorance of proven solutions.

On two levels, President Obama intends to tax the American people and then turn around and give them "free entitlements." On health care, his administration is willing to spend upwards of $17,000 per breathing individual in the nation, to offer universal health care coverage to those people who could purchase it for less than $6000 per year. In the process he is willing to bankrupt the competitive nature of health care by running private insurance out of business.

In addition, he is also attempting to pass on the single largest tax increase ever allocated against the poor in this nation through his dastardly cap-and-trade legislation. Through smoke and mirrors he pretends to punish corporations. But companies never pay taxes. They never have. And they will not under cap-and-trade. They will either pass the cost on to their customers, or they will go bankrupt. They have no other options.

Additional tax burdens, wasteful use of stimulus funds, and merely creating more government control are exactly the opposite of things any administration should be doing when needing to create more jobs.

Tax reductions, especially through incentives for small business who hire, reduction of government spending, and relinquishing government control over the individual would be all the small businesses of America would need to work our nation out of its current economic hardship.

These solutions are tried and tested, they've worked in Democratic and Republican administrations in the past, and they are exactly the solutions needed today.

Mr. Obama could turn the corner on his own agenda and begin to actually help the people of the United States.

12 months since his election, however, his economic grade is sadly a D minus, and that is probably more affirmative action than he should be afforded.