Kevin McCullough

I personally have been encouraged by the genuine efforts of citizens just like you and me attending town halls in August. I'm even more grateful, deeply so, that Americans have not become comrades of malaise, but rather still have core convictions that can be offended, and are in fact now angry.

This White House says, "Let me be clear" but follows those words with vague elusive non-committal language, because they cannot tell us the truth.

They say in prime time press conferences that the "public option" won't change current insurance coverage. But they tell the goons, thugs, and buffoons of SEIU and ACORN that the public option will lead the way to a "single-payer" system.

The administration says it will have the most transparent dialogue in the history of the nation. But they send the SEIU guerillas and the ACORN equivalent of the Sopranos to town hall meetings in order to muscle out legitimate citizen dissent.

The administration says it will not keep or form a database of the snitches they've begged to report on their neighbors who disagree with the health care plans. But under the laws governing the federal archival of all communication with the executive branch they are required to keep the names, e-mail addresses, and correspondence sent to them on the matter.

The President campaigned on the idea of bringing people together from all sides to solve the problems facing us. But when he does not think a camera is rolling he states that he doesn't wish for people opposing his view to do any talking.

President Obama has attempted to deceive the American people.

"We the People" gave him the benefit of the doubt, but in his first eight months his actions betray his true intent, and we trust him no more.

Americans by an overwhelming majority have listened to the ideas behind the kinds of reform the President wishes to enact on the health care system, and have rejected it.

They do so while still admitting they would like to see reform, but not the sort that the President proposes.

Should the administration not choose to recognize the truth in this scenario, "We the People" reserve the right to send them to the unemployment line, and are in the process of making that option clear to them.

The question is, who will the administration believe?