Kevin McCullough

When President George W. Bush was being stalked by Cindy Sheehan and Code Pink on a daily basis, over a genuine issue of national security--the war on terror--he met with Sheehan, acknowledged her pain, and wished her well, all while respectfully disagreeing with her over the policy.

President Obama, by contrast, on April 15th when more than 2800 TEA Parties occurred and an excess of 1.5 million people turned out, showed them the back of his hand and insisted on marginalizing those who sought his attention on a fundamental issue of his job performance.

And now he's asking you to report those who disagree with him to his newly crafted e-mail address.

There could likely be many good reasons for the White House to have set up an e-mail address ""

Like reporting a suspicious truck parked in a place it's not supposed to be. Or the systematic movement of people that seek to attack the nation. Or even a suspicious piece of baggage that should not be left unaccompanied.

But reporting your neighbors for simply disagreeing on the unknown outcomes of a federally controlled, centralized universal Governmental control of health care is not an acceptable use of such.

Perhaps it would be different if we felt the administration was dealing with us honestly.

All but admitting that they will have to raise taxes on the middle class, coupled with catching significant personalities on video--i.e. Barney Frank, Jan Schikowski, and President Obama--all opining for the desire of the new "public option" to lead to a single payer system, gives the nation little pause nor confidence to think that what they say presently in prime time press conferences is genuine.

So what should our response be?

Greater demands for free speech...

Louder volumes at Townhall meetings...

Bigger belligerence the tighter they squeeze...

In short, when free speech is threatened, screeching screams of volition are the only thing preventing the mandated, manhandled, chokehold of silence.

So go ahead... report me... I will shout louder!