Kevin McCullough

"This is the kind of girl who sits on the TV and watches the sofa..."

"She thinks that innuendo is an Italian supository..."

"This girl is a ding-dong, I didn't even like her earrings..."

"Perez is the new me. Using the "C" word is something I would do..."

"Carrie Prejean really is getting something off her chest, but what she should get off is the price tag there..."

"And in the meantime she's ratcheting up so much sympathy for the gay movement, she might as well be a paid spokesmodel for them..."

"We're supposed to get rid of her for having 'falsies' and an opinion..."

"Let her deflate..."

"Her husband will be the only person in the world who wants a virgin with breast implants..."

"They also paid for Carrie to cut off her penis, sand her Adam's apple, and get a head to toe waxing..."

"I happen to know for sure that Carrie Prejean was in fact Harry Prejean a homophobic man who like marriage so much he did it three times... Now he's a babe who needs a brain implant..."

"Maybe the could inject some fat from her butt... oh they have."

Those little gems stemmed from a two minute interview conducted by Olbermann on his nightly news show in which the big breaking news of someone besides Carrie releasing her medical information was the scheduled topic to be discussed.

Had Olberman even an ounce of dignity, manhood, or integrity within him he would've cut the interview off and gone to break. But instead the adolescent boy within him kept laughing and going.

And here I sit still waiting for even one member of the cable news, or mainstream media circles to formulate an articulate defense of the beautiful, kind, compassionate woman who is being treated this way for simply answering a question honestly.

The fact that few men have had visceral reactions to this demonstrates how weak modern feminism has caused men to become.

Simply put Musto and Hilton aren't just men who struggle with some sort of unnatural attraction to other males. They aren't even, for that matter, males that practice sexual behavior with other males that mind their own business and aren't out to upend the entirety of the free world.

Musto and Hilton are angry hateful males who have no concept of what manhood is. They are jealous of Carrie for the confidence she exudes, the kindness she genuinely expresses, and for the kind of men she is able to attract.

Undoubtedly the tempers in the men who have said and expressed these diabolical statements stems from a deep and abiding hurt in their life that needs to be dealt with in mercy and kindness.

But that still doesn't give them or any of the other hateful haters who hate out there the right to rhetorically bludgeon the name and reputation of a decent woman for answering a question honestly.

In my world growing up my mother made sure that I understood several things. You always hold the door open for the ladies to go first. You never hit a woman. And you never speak to her in coarseness and filth.

In the anonymity of a television studio, or the safety of a bedroom webcam, Musto and Hilton feel they can rhetorically rape the heart and soul of Carrie Prejean. But friend, that's just pure evil.

You simply do not treat a lady like that... ever.

Especially if they have a big brother.