Kevin McCullough

But liberal media and pop culture icons were not to be outdone by actual representatives elected to office in the People's House. Nancy Pelosi labeled the grassroots that put the 2800+ rallies together as "astroturf." Illinois lawmaker Jan Shakowsky slandered the Chicagoans who participated (in addition to the rest of the nation) as "despicable" and "shameful."

CNN and MSNBC attempted to pretend that the tea parties weren't happening. The White House lied to the American people saying the President was completely unaware of them. And some elected officials who were the worst offenders, tried unpersuasive methods of labeling the tea party events as organized by Fox News, big corporate interests, or even most laughably the GOP.

CNN was eventually labeled as irresponsible for not providing coverage of the events, by Howard Kurtz as well as Lou Dobbs two of its leading voices. On the actual day Fox News scored a ratings coup by leveraging 200,000 more viewers than all the rest of the cable news universe combined. One last joke with the numbers, the AP and other national liberal media attempted to put the nationwide turnout at less than 250,000.

Pajamas Media (PJTV) was able to get "citizen cams" at only some of the events and had turn-out estimates from their coverage alone at more than 500,000. Yet PJTV was unable to cover even half the total number of 2800+ events that were organized.

And before the day had been completed, new dates for additional tea parties had begun being planned. The next most immediate one taking place on April 20th at Bowling Green State University in Ohio - 3-6pm. Another national tea party day has been moved into the works for July 4th, and additional action is being spoken of for September 12th.

So what has Democratic party leaders, the President of the United States, liberal congressional power brokers, two failed Air-America man hating talk show hosts, and the national liberal media so bent out of shape?

The fact that they can't do anything to stop it...

Americans began taking their nation back from bad policies in both political parties this last week. How were they rewarded for it? With veiled threats and intimidations from Janet Napolitano and the armed goons she now commands! Accusing, then not apologizing, and then accusing again gun owners, pro-life people of faith, the 80% of Americans that believe marriage should not be redefined, and even our returning service men and women from Iraq and Afghanistan as "potential terrorists", the party in power wishes to silence the opposition.

Those who organized, not from corporate board rooms, or Fox News studios, but in living rooms, church basements, and local high school gyms, the events of the tea parties to date have reminded all Americans that while we may be a troubled nation and not what we once were, we certainly are under no compulsion to become what this diabolical dagger society of the progressive left wishes us to become.

Out of all of this has emerged a denunciation of both Republican and Democrat elected leaders. In the streets Democrats and Republicans walked arm in arm speaking out, holding signs, and telling the radical federal government, "It stops now."

The panic on the left is real. The television ratings, the organized attempts to systematically under report the turn out, and the down right vulgar and dishonest lies from people like Garofalo tell it all.

Keep at it America. We are not slaves to their leftist vision of what America would become.

Just keep in mind that the more we win on substance the more they will scream like stuck pigs.

Then again some pulled pork on July 4th does sound mighty tasty!