Kevin McCullough

The administration especially hates the working poor. People who are trying to get themselves out of tough circumstances have been targeted by this administration to be forced into even worse circumstances--especially if they disagree. This would be largely accomplished by "card-check" legislation that President Obama promised union bosses he would see passed personally.

In making such a promise what President Obama has pledged is to take away the rights of the working poor who otherwise would be given the constitutional right of a secret ballot. Obama's policy direction on this matter would open up the working poor to direct harassment, threats, and even violence for the simple crime of not agreeing with the union boss. Disagreement that would not even be discovered if the secret ballot was left in place.

And it's not just the administration, but also many of the President's supporters that demonstrate this contempt for the poor... prominent Obama supporter Melissa Etheridge.

Etheridge has joined a growing group of militants who engage in homosexual behavior who are now threatening to withhold their taxes from the administration or state governments until the ingredients of what constitutes a legal marriage can be redefined so as to apply to an entire cadre of sexual unions.

Since the left constantly tell us how generous they think this nation should be, by allocating the tax dollars that you and I put towards poverty relief, one would think that the personal paying of taxes would be a solid priority to the left.

And yet, at the first sign of someone not getting an entitlement they believe the entire History of Western Civilization owes them, they refuse to fund the things they say they believe in.

What liberals REALLY mean is that they would prefer law abiding people to fund government programs, but they really feel no personal compulsion to do so.

And this point brings us to the core of this premise...

President Obama lied to the American people in his silly analogy of a bus driver being limited as to the amount of money he could donate to charity in his prime time press conference last week. It was factually inaccurate and he portrayed himself, a wealthy American, as a "victim" in being able to personally donate to those in need. He did all of this to somehow justify his administration's latest attack against the poor in attempting to limit the taxable deductions of tax-payers towards the ministries and programs that have done the most good in helping the poor in America.

Taxing citizens more prevents them from being able to give to charity more. Taxing citizens more, and also punishing tax-payers for contributing more than a certain percentage of their income is the equivalent of declaring all out war on charitable organizations.

Any way you slice it, some say every way you do, Obama and his ilk show contemptible disdain for the poor.

They do so while using them, manipulating them, and exploiting them for their own political intentions.

And if Jesus were on this earth, he might just make a whip, beat them, and call them vipers.

What are we willing to do?