Kevin McCullough

The decision to remain silent on the performance of the potty-mouthed guttersnipes was, however, the less offensive, and even less problematic of the damaging decisions made this past week.

Not yet in office a full seven days, President Obama put his signature to an executive order that reinstated the liability of we the people as taxpayers for the deaths of hundreds of children across the globe. You get no say in this. There is no “opt-out” box to check. The tax bill you submit will inextricably link you directly to the systematic deaths of these children. Their cries will not be heard, and no leftist, progressive political group will rally in Washington to end the violence against them.

When President Obama signed the executive order forcing us as taxpayers to once again fund the Mexico City Policy, celebrations in feminist and pro-abortion offices resounded across America.

How perverted is that?

American women were shrieking with delight at the reality of you and I being forced to join in procedures, and to strongly intimidate through suggestive means, the killing of a mother’s child.

How does one celebrate that?

In other countries, many of them third world, a family’s child is one of the few sources of joy a home can know. By reissuing this policy, Barack Obama has sentenced more Latin and Black children to death than if he had simply ordered an invasion of Mexico or Somalia.

For all of his campaign rhetoric promoting the ideas of Hope an Change, such callous and calculated policies fly directly in the face of his care for women, his desire for justice, his profession of fairness, and his faith in God.

As a pundit, I had repeatedly expressed my well wishes and desires for our President to succeed during his days in Office. I am vested in my President succeeding for the good of my country. Thus, to extend fairness, and even goodwill to the new commander in Chief, I resisted the inclination to speculate on likelihoods, and pledged to wait on the formation of policies before leveling criticisms.

Mr. President, I was prepared to give you longer than four days.

Both your apathy and your actions in only your first week in office demonstrate your hardened ambivalence to both those who seek racial equity and to those who love children as Christ instructed them to.

Unlike your supporters, we do not wish, nor will we seek to brandish your term in office as one of racial dishonesty. Your achievement this week was historic. Your reaction in light of it is both sickening and disheartening.

Let’s hope for a better week two...