Kevin McCullough

Perhaps it's because neither of his children have had anything but a beautiful life, and a pleasurable home to experience. But do handicapped children deserve less from life because of some mental or physical limitation? The Paralympics are just around the corner. Does Obama believe we would have been a more just society if those athletes had each been aborted, or left to die in a soiled utility closet even if born?

Last week, Barack Obama called those of us who have told the truth about his position on this issue "liars." He said that we were misrepresenting this issue and he attempted to claim confusion and "multiple bills" and "procedures" to cloud the issue of his voting record.

All of which itself was a lie.

The record is clear: Barack Obama voted then, and remains now the only elected U.S. Senator to have voted in favor of denying life saving medical care to children who had been born.


Last week, David Brody of CBN carried Obama's water for him when he said that saying such things amounted to over the top rhetoric. But what is over the top about being as specific as possible in telling the truth? Barack Obama voted in favor of infanticide. End of story. But why does it matter?

In a society that has continued to diminish the value of human life, perhaps Obama believes it won't matter. But for me it is very personal.

Because that little girl, who could have been denied life saving medical care, is named Eliza.

I've held her. I've hugged her. And I've kissed her forehead when she called me "Uncle Kevin."

She is three and half years old, and she is one of the healthiest, happiest, non-disabled children I've ever seen.

See, it turned out that the ultrasound machine and the readings it produced (which in turn had been the primary overriding reason why the abortion suggestion had been made so forcefully) was miscalibrated. Eliza's lungs were perfect, and her parents had a relatively normal delivery. And they have given her a wonderful childhood.

Barack Obama's indiscriminate political pandering may be a good enough reason to pick a running mate in Joe Biden, who openly thinks Obama's not ready to be president. But pandering is not a good enough reason for him to have been willing to let Eliza die. Not nearly good enough realizing now that there never was anything wrong with her. Not good enough at all!

But actually "not good enough" sums up Obama... pretty much... all the way around.