Kevin McCullough

It was a bright summer day in Chicago when a woman confirmed that she was pregnant with her first child. The telling of the families ensued, followed by the announcement to friends. The days began to speed up, her body began to change, and eventually the pressing question was finally asked. To know or not to know the gender of the baby, what would they choose?

Eventually they decided to go for the ultrasound and prepare themselves for her arrival.

Only what they discovered was not what they had expected.

With the conclusion of the ultrasound pending, the technician left the room with a worried look on her face. A few minutes later, a senior doctor entered and relayed the sad news.

The ultrasound showed an echo-genic condition. This particular cause for concern was due to the lungs of the unborn child showing up brighter on the ultrasound reading than the medical doctors felt they "should be" at that point in the pregnancy. Bright lungs on the ultrasound, they were informed, indicated a high probability of Down's syndrome. Understanding the repulsion that disabled children were in a state that Barack Obama served in, the conclusion was clear: this child must be aborted. So with all the grace of a semi-truck hitting a brick wall at top speed, the doctor flatly informed the baby's mother that in the state of Illinois, there were only a limited number of days to have an "induced labor procedure" (abortion). They strongly suggested that the mother and father consider and pursue this "solution" to the "Down's question."

The parents chose instead to pursue additional and frequent ultrasounds roughly every two weeks for a period of time to see if there were any further developments.

You see, in Barack Obama's twisted world, not to mention that of the medical and abortion industries in his home state, the push was on--test for Down's, and do an "induced labor procedure" (abortion). Additionally, in this messed up universe, Obama specifically and single handedly saw to it that if the child had struggled with the chemical process of the "induced labor procedure" (abortion) and survived, she would not have been allowed any medical care to save her life.

But that is the way of the world for Barack Obama, the medical practitioners that terminate pregnancies, and the hospital named "Christ" that performs these procedures. Oh and did I mention that it is Obama's own religious denomination that operates said hospital?

But I can't help but ask the question: "Why does Obama pursue such outcomes?"