Kevin McCullough

"The fact that this site even exists is only half as offensive as the fact that 99% of all parents in America don't know that this is being done to target their children," said the Lovely Bride to me on Wednesday of this last week. She is right.

Because of our collective willingness as a society to do anything and everything we can - accept those things that we really have responsibility to do, we have created a world that has given birth to the website "". Worse yet YOU have funded this mess, and seemed unresolved to do anything about it.

Planned Parenthood sends its thanks.

In the event you would have not heard what the "TakeCare" website is all about let me give you a bit of an idea. Picture a fun, freewheeling website. A place of pastel colors, moveable design parts, promising to give you all the ins and outs on "the ins and outs." Designed to be so innocent looking from the moment it loads, parents would never have need to worry about there kids being able to find truly objectionable material.


Far from merely providing low cost abortions for primarily African American girls in the inner city of America, Planned Parenthood now seeks to further corrupt your child in which comedy skits serve as sex education, and homosexual, and casual sex philosophies are promoted not just as normal - but are shoved directly into the face of those watching.

Being deeply immersed in the entire world of talk-radio, public policy, and observing the decadent culture that continues to rip our families apart for the last ten years - I am seldom shocked by much any more. Yet the very sophisticated mixture of nearly playful innocence from the color, design, and "mood" of the website, with the vulgar, profane, and exhibitionist creep-out factor of hardcore sexual suggestion is a potent combination.

Planned Parenthood is almost banking on the idea that the shock factor is so strong, that for this reason alone, kids will talk about it with their peers, but not their parents. In the most descriptive way possible without actually photographing it close up - the site depicts one teen boy giving another teen boy oral sex, another scene has one girl exposing her private parts to a room full of her friends asking each of them "do you see anything 'down there?'" There is a sketch on self stimulation, and one other with the oh so subtle title "Threesome."

There is also a custom "sing a long" song that express several dozen pseudonyms for what one calls both the male and female genitalia. It is performed in a style that reminds one of their days in kindergarten singing their ABC's. And did I mention that YOU are the one funding this?