Kevin McCullough

Even when I asked how it felt to be moved on from the Fox News Sunday role that he had put on the map as the Sunday morning anchor, even when he had lost his most notable position in Sunday morning politics, even when he had been relegated to mostly just a Satellite radio audience with his daily show (much smaller than most terrestrial shows), even then - he smiled, cited the fact that he believed God was in control, spoke of his health struggles, and re-emphasized once again how short life was and that it was his family that held priority in his life and heart.

Little did he know that a run as press secretary, and ultimately life-taking colon cancer awaited him before that administration's run would conclude.

We shared one other thing with each other that day, we both lost our mothers to cancer at the age of 17. Being without parents for a portion of one's life, can spark a deeper commitment to one's own parental responsibilities. Tony Snow exhibited that in his verbal, physical, and emotional commitment to his family.

On September 1, Harvest House Publishers is slated to release my second book, The Kind of Man Every Man Should Be. The basis for the book essentially is to help rebuild the kind of man that is quickly disappearing. In light of the modern feminist message that tells men not to be involved in their family's lives, to not take responsibility for their sexual deeds, and to get in touch with one's feminine side, I believe this book is needed to redefine real men.

Tony Snow easily qualified as exactly the kind of man that valued clarity, decency, integrity, and longed to provide, and protect those he cherished most. So why we are we losing the Tim Russerts and Tony Snows these days while the Rev. Jacksons flourish? For that I have no answer.

All I can assert is that our pop-culture, me-first, feminist based navel-gazing causes men to be reduced to less than what God designed them to be - and Jackson is a well founded example of that.

But every now and then someone comes along who swims against the tide, always making points based on fact, enduring great rhetorical struggle in the battle for getting across ideas, and even getting shot at from time to time for being so "counter" to popular opinion - and smiles while doing so!

Tony Snow was that kind of man.

And from both a personal and professional perspective this correspondent never saw anything hypocritical in the life or habits of the man who never refused to smile.

Oh that every man would leave that as his legacy!