Kevin McCullough

Given the fact that liberals in Washington continue to whine and complain about the degree of groveling we as a nation are doing with middle eastern suppliers of energy - you'd think they'd be the very first people supporting, even advocating for, the chance for us to find our own supplies of energy. Given the fact that we need to think of the future and what we have ahead of us - you'd think that energy exploration would be responsible use of elected officials time and attention. And given the fact that Americans are paying nearly $5 a gallon for gas - almost exclusively due to the fact that environmental extremists have waged war against the American people - you'd believe that elected officials have a responsibility to help correct the record and ease the pain of the average family.

That's why it's so astounding that on a party-line vote of 9-6 a subcommittee voted against even letting a bill go to the full floor of the House that would have allowed us to go access energy sources that are 200 miles of our shores but that could supply us close to 90 billion barrels of oil, and over 432 trillion cubic feet of natural gas - that we already own. That amount of oil would equal the total amount of oil we have produced as a nation as a whole since 1970.

And if we wanted to see the price of middle eastern oil drop, all we'd have to do is announce that we were going to go pull up the oil we already own. The cartel would begin to reduce prices before the press conference concluded.

Of course this doesn't even begin to address the issue of why the liberal democrats won't allow us to expand nuclear energy supplies. I guess keeping the environment clean and safe, while simultaneously lowering the cost to the already worn out American consumer is something Democrats don't see being able to budget into their own future.

While Kelly the dolphin recognized the value of what she had and began to responsibly save and budget for unforeseen eventualities, Congressional Democrats choose to ignore what we have, weaken our position to bargain and produce, and eventually injure our position for very foreseeable circumstances that are looming dead smack in front of us.

I also have to wonder why the leader of the Democratic party Barack Obama doesn't step up and do the right thing.

The truth is that this election cycle is watching the old school, common sense, small "L", liberal (like Tim Russert) be eradicated in the Democratic party by the leftists/marxist machine of Soros/Obama. Political power is worth more to them personally than practical people solutions for the millions of people they wish to "lead", "protect", and tax.

One global warming extremist even admitted to me just two weeks ago at church on Sunday morning that new environmental rules must be established so that people's behavior would be forced to change. He was even disgusted when I questioned whether or not CO2 was a pollutant or not.

One thing is clear though, if Kelly the dolphin can learn to maximize her resources, take responsibility for her own actions, and seize control of her future as best she can - she is imminently more qualified for office than Pelosi, Reid, or Obama.

So democrats - which makes you more angry, the fact that someone says that you're dumber than dolphins...

Or the fact that there is now self-evident proof that it’s true?