Kevin McCullough

Presently in territories under US control we have oil reserves that could eclipse that number by possibly 20 to 30 times. We have the technology to go get it with almost zero impact to the surrounding environment. And in some places where we could go harvest it from - like the Alaskan wilderness, we would need less than 2% of the total territory to give us domestic oil production that would rival the output of what we purchase abroad and thus cause those suppliers to drop their prices. Off the shores of California, Florida, and other oceanside states further exploration could be had with no cost to the taxpayer and any reserves we would find would belong to the U.S. and thus allow us to control our own energy future. But liberals in Washington, the lobbyists who pay them well, and the far left environmentalist groups who are manipulating the public discussion would rather you not be able to pay your bills or even drive your car - than to give in and allow any expanded exploration to occur.

But finding the reserves is only part of the problem. Once the oil is in hand it must be refined, and since "crazy greenies" have prevented the construction of one single additional refinery in nearly a generation, the supply chain is unable to be processed and delivered effectively to help the prices stabilize at the pump. Additionally elected liberals like Chicago's Mayor Richard Daley, Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, and U.S. Senator Richard Durbin have worked in concert to see to it that Chicago area drivers now pay a 20% tax on every gallon of gas sold.

The Global Warming scare mongers have played their part as well. Now that more than 31,000 scientists have disputed nearly all of even the most basic claims made in Al Gore's hysterical work of fiction, "An Inconvenient Truth," we are starting to see up close the damage Gore's self-enriching scam has produced. His insistence upon alternative fuels, has created horrific realities which are making the development of fuel far more expensive, and starving orphans on the African continent simultaneously. He's also made tons of personal riches from his "carbon credits" company that has yet to prove how it is regenerating the climate.

When we realize that the amount of corn for example that has to be set aside for the minimum production of ethanol, and how that corn is no longer for food supplies there should exist outrage. When we discover the tons of corn required to make one tank of fuel, yet realize the same amount of corn could feed an African orphan who is presently dying of starvation for a full year that outrage should create a quake for justice that liberals can not escape.

And we haven't even begun to address the entire idea of nuclear energy expansion that could go across the continent heating, lighting, and keeping our homes safe at far lower costs. In places like Africa nuclear power would move villages that are barely surviving into healthy new conditions. Simply replacing the dung that some mothers are forced to cook with would guarantee a drop in the child mortality rate across much of the sub-Saharan portion of the continent. Yet for all of Barack Obama's insistence upon giving a condom to every person in Africa he seems utterly unmoved by the plight of children breathing the smoke of bovine excrement.

Some proponents of energy exploration have argued that we are running out of oil reserves. Yet any one who uses common sense wonders how that is so. Oil reserves are developed by the death and compression of carbon life-forms over the years. Forests, wildlife, marine life, and humans have not stopped dying - nor are they expected to anytime soon. Harvesting living energy supplies - like food - seems to be counter productive than harvesting energy supplies that in fact have already been "processed" naturally for our use. With our more advanced exploration capabilities we are also discovering that we are far - if it's even possible to be - from "running out of oil."

So what does it all mean?

Liberals have put into place legislation that restricts our ability to supply our energy needs for ourselves. They have prevented us from being able to refine the energy supply we obtain. They have prevented us from creating the most cost effective energy supply ever discovered (nuclear). And they appear more than happy to continue to tax the living daylights out of us on the energy we have to have in order to survive.

In short it is using dishonest messages to tax us more, taking the capital we earn for our families, to create a greater dependency on "them" to "solve our problems" for us. Can anyone say "backdoor Marxism?" Do you like your $5 per gallon gas?

Just do nothing... because letting the marxist left run our energy policy seems to be working out well for all of us!

Isn't it?