Kevin McCullough

Later in the interview Dr. Wright's experiment in suspended reality continued: "One of the things that this church means is hope... They come looking for hope, we try to move people who are move them from hurt to healing."

That's a worthwhile aim to be sure, but will "g*d-damning" America be the ticket to healing? To hope? What Dr. Wright won't do is sit down and have a reasoned discussion with say - a conservative - on what raising or lowering the tax burden on America does to those he's hoping to heal. What he has all but ignored is the sentence that fatherlessness in the black community has leveled against the next several generations of American blacks.

Simply stating a goal does not accomplish that goal. And it can almost certainly be objectively observed that Dr. Wright's "out of context" (according to him) soundbytes have brought little comfort to a genuinely struggling single mom who is trying to raise her children and get her life finally on the right track.

A more likely scenario is that Dr. Wright's attitudinal based, "stick-it-in-your-eye" sermonizing has gone further to more deeply reinforce the differences in the already still far too segregated black and white communities of Chicago. That he is contributing to racial disharmony, financial inequity, and the reinforcement of prejudiced attitudes seems hardly to bother him. And it all seems a little too disingenuous when he's now taking up residence far removed from the ghetto in a 20,000 square feet mansion off the ninth hole in Tinley Park - with a bunch of rich... white... people.

Sorry, again... I digress...

But where it really got weird was when he started sounding like a right-wing fiscal conservative: "Governments fail people and governments change and governments lie... Governments who want to kill innocents are not made in the image of God."

Actually Governments do fail people. Which is why genuine conservatives have such a mistrust of a politicians be they Democrat OR Republican who argue that more government is always the answer. If the Calvinist view of the depravity of man - that man is inherently sinful - holds true, imagine how corrupt constantly empowered groups of mankind are?

This argument is a humorous one however because while Dr. Wright means it as some sort of snarky, half-intellectual slam at the present administration over its desire to keep terrorists occupied somewhere "out there" so that they don't come here with there attacks, he stumbles into his greatest dishonesty.

As someone who has been working in the inner city for as many years as Dr. Wright has - he should be fully aware of the attempt by the government funded (i.e. - you and me) operations of Planned Parenthood that systematically have since its founding been targeting the black children of America's inner cities for extermination. No one advanced their cause with more boldness than did the last liberal Democratic administration. But no one supports them more fully now than the plantation slaves of the Democratic party like Jackson and Sharpton. Running in close second to them is the Democrat's own half-white candidate in the race for President this year in Barack Obama.

Governments DO fail, change, and lie - so one must ask the question, "if that's true, then why should we continually empower them with more and more of the public capital - especially while they are killing our most innocent and vulnerable citizens?"

And this my friend is where it all falls apart.

Liberals don't respect the voters, they see them as pawns. Tools of the trade if you will. And the longer they convince the voter to support them for their basic needs - the closer each of them gets to their own 20,000 sq foot mansions on golf courses living amongst rich... white... people...

Once the voter figures out the liberal politician isn't solving real problems - but only lining his own pockets of power and prominence - he looks elsewhere. When he discovers that as a voter he holds the keys to his own future success, he begins to vote elsewhere.

If church goers to Dr. Wright's former church home ever figure out that the gospel of hating America doesn't measure up to any form of legitimate expression of Christianity then perhaps they will seek out a church that teaches from the texts of scripture. And when that church goer discovers that as a believer, Jesus Christ holds the key to genuine freedom from such brainwashing, and racial hatred, perhaps hope and healing will erase the hurt.

Of course if that happens there goes the neighborhood.

But I digress...