Kevin McCullough

The longer the "also-rans" continue to stay in the race the more distorted the results will continue to appear.

Add to this mix the reality that Rudy Giuliani has shown zero results from his big state strategy but fully intends to campaign heavy this week and was before Florida voters even as the votes were being counted in South Carolina some of the intrinsic dynamics of the GOP horse-race could still hit a bump or two.

What is refreshing, whether it's considered pandering or not, is that the voters in these early states have consistently rewarded the right message. Regardless of Romney's or McCain's previously held positions - they now lead the delegate count for the GOP because of messaging that was designed to hit the national security, anti-illegal-immigration, pro-family, pro-marriage, pro-life, permanent tax cut voters that constitute the base.

So much of the race ahead will morph as the economic troubles continue to emerge. McCain's flip-flopping on tax reductions, border security, and his continued hostility toward protecting the institution of marriage will yet haunt true republican voters participating in true republican primaries.

Saturday night, McCain was quick to flaunt that no one has gone on to be the nominee and not won South Carolina.

But the truth is - it is Romney who has the power of a campaign strategy that has doubled up the number of delegates secured by the rest of the GOP class of 2008.

What it all means is that the GOP might ultimately see a two-man race. One who has been accused of flip-flopping when he was still serving as Governor of Massachusetts, or one who flat out did change his position to pander to voters who had previously written him off.

Both of whom still have significant struggles against Obama or Hillary, or worse yet - both!