Kevin McCullough

Even fellow liberals are decrying the underhanded, back-stage, off-the-record informal strategizing that James Carville is now bringing back to the primary election cycle.

So what was it on the screen at 3am that made me feel so sick?

A blurb if you will, just a tidbit really, in the newest Robert Novak column that simply detailed the discovery of a "file" that Hillary is keeping on Barack Obama. The "scandalous information" of which she is promising not to use (for now) for the sake of a unified party heading into the general election. Of course if Obama wins in Iowa and New Hampshire look for that same "scandalous information" to make it into the hands of CNN staffers, who just couldn't quite tell you how they came to be in possession of it.

The idea of secret files reminded us that when Hillary was only First Lady that she had already proven herself willing to play by rules that only she had to abide by. Thus she has never been held accountable or even been made to answer questions related to miraculously profitable land deals in Arkansas. Mysterious suicides of "friends" like Vince Foster whose suicide weapon as found in the hand opposite of the one he would've used evidently didn't seem to be important enough for her to need to respond to - nor did any of the other 50 plus "friends of Bill and Hillary." She was neck deep in the mail room, travel office, and security personnel scandals that hit the Clinton White House. These were scandals where long time staffers lost jobs and lives were ruined. Hillary even led the way in making it harder for the Secret Service to immediately be able to tell who had what level security clearance in the White House because the desire to not hurt feelings of people who shouldn't be in rooms they didn't have clearance to be in.

But none of the scandals were bolder and publicly vexing than the fact that whole cases of FBI files of Clinton opponents or antagonists were missing and mysteriously popped up in Hillary's possession.

The fact that many of the names found in such files were also under special audit from the IRS - many for several years in a row - under the Clinton regime troubled the few Americans who followed the news closely enough to understand it.

The willingness that such executive power would be focused to abuse their ideological enemies is revolting and repulsive.

In the years since Hillary has repackaged herself as the "moderate" Senator from New York thus further distancing herself from the trouble of the Arkansas days. But make no mistake - everything ugly associated with the word Clinton is back.

Rigged appearances, intimidation of the press, and the discovery that research hacks are even now sitting in some campaign office basement putting together strategy hits for the assassination of their current opponents - its all back.

On a side note we should be thankful on some level, because of the Clinton's we now have talk radio, The Drudge Report, Fox News Channel, and forums like

We should not be surprised, but we must walk through this election cycle with our eyes open. And if we are not ready for the Hillary Police State (asbestos pantsuits required) then democratic primary voters best speak up and Iowa would be a great place to start.