Kevin McCullough

As I sat in bed in the wee hours of Saturday morning, the Lovely Bride long having drifted off to sleep by my side and only the bloodshot inducing glow of my laptop staring back at me in the darkness - my stomach sank. On the screen in front of me was the latest reminder of what most of the nation had put behind us some seven years ago. I say latest because the signs have been many, and this week came fast and furious.

I remember the day George W. Bush was sworn in as President in his first term, I wondered aloud how he could stand to share the same car to and from the swearing in ceremony with the outgoing first "couple." I suppose that when the world came crashing down around us on September 11 one of the real benefits such tragedy left us with was that there was no need to be reminded any longer of the unseemly deceit, acts of marital infidelity, the brutal use of absolute power to bully the press, and worst of all having our leaders point their fingers at us and boldly tell us untrue things - merely to save their own hide.

If Hillary Clinton becomes president - get ready for everything we hated about our government to come springing back to life.

CNN's Wolf Blitzer's less than robustly honest form of debate engineering reminded us of the old idea that when it came to being bought and sold in favor of the Clinton's - CNN's brand was head and shoulders above the crowd.

The now thrice confessed to manipulation of questions by the Clinton camp as it related to campaign rallies, or even supposedly non-partisan debates took us back to the reports of the same type when the "charming Clinton" was the candidate.

Sure by the time Sandy Berger committed a felony offense of stealing national documents by stuffing them in his boxers, so many years had gone by that a number of younger adults were saying, "hey I sorta remember him." But the affable fumbling of "gosh I just don't know what I did with those things" answer seemed to satisfy as an explanation. Yet a more loyal task-taker for the steely-eyed Clintons was never found.

The reunification this week of Sydney Blumenthal to the Clinton camp was another sickening moment. In many ways Blumenthal's performance before the Ken Starr investigators made Bill Clinton look truly amateurish. The ease with which Blumenthal was able to sell falsehoods, ever changing recollections of things as they had happened, and his willingness to just bald-face lie sent shivers down the spines of those who watched it. Yet since less than one-third of the American people even understood what the true nature of the investigations were all about, America yawned and went on its way.