Kevin McCullough

Simply put - Pastor Donnie McClurkin is an anathema to the radical homosexual lobby. Not his message - but him personally, his life, his own experience.

When Donnie was eight, he has related many times, an older man began to abuse him. That abuse caused Donnie to wander for years and to wonder about who he was. He practiced homosexual behavior and lifestyle early on, and then something changed. His own story of realizing that he was sinning in the choices he made brought him to the path that God had for him all along - to really know Christ as Savior, to trust him with all that was within him, and to even be able to have this "curse" be removed from his life.

McClurkin now pastors a church on Long Island, New York that is busy about the Kingdom business. And one aspect among many of what they offer is help for those who are hurt by the behavior and indoctrination of homosexuality. Many have found, and are finding healing - through God, better choices, and the love and support that only Christians offer.

THAT is what so offends the radical homosexuals who are funding the Obama campaign.

So much so that Obama came out a day later to repudiate McClurkin, his beliefs, his experience, and his ministry. (But he still wants him to sing, 'cause we gotta raise the money for the campaign.)

To add insult to injury Obama then decided to invite an openly homosexual white "minister" to say a few words. Even openly homosexual black activists from the Clinton administration called this decision disastrous. It is seen as offensive to the large majority of African Americans who will attend a "gospel" concert.

Obama is now at the crossroads, having rhetorically thrown Pastor McClurkin under the bus - while pragmatically holding him to his contracted agreement to appear (gotta raise the money), he has most likely made his choice - offend the black Christians and lose the votes rather than offend the rabid homosexual activists and lose the money.

What IS clear however - when Obama's "Christianity" was at odds with the "love of money" - Obama chose what the scripture terms "the root of all evil."

And his people said, "Glory eff'in Hallelujah!"