Kevin McCullough

In the run up to the weekend my New York based listenership grew so irate at the arrogance of Ahamdinejad to come and pay his respects (to the "brave 19), that before I was off the air on Thursday they were demanding that we organize a human chain to prevent Ahmadinejad from visiting the site. After the Drudge leak, and the follow up by LGF, let's just say none were convinced that he in fact has changed his plan.

I began to organize as best we could, listeners spreading the word. Tom from the Bronx called to tell of his employment with the contractors in the Ground Zero pit - he and they would be walking off the job site to come stand with us at 9:30am Monday morning. James from Richmond, Virginia wrote to say that his bag was packed and he was on his way. Fox5 News in New York brought the rally to the attention of their viewers. E-mail poured in by the hundreds some from as far away as Utah to say that they would be standing shoulder to shoulder with us.

By far the most touching e-mail I received was from Nancy. "Nancy from Fleishmans" as she is known to my audience. She is a clear-headed commonsense nurse who works in Manhattan. Both Nancy and her 82 year old mother expressed a desire to make their way all the way to Liberty Street and Broadway in order to simply stand up to the face of evil when he showed up to "praise Allah" for the "great victory" of the "brave 19."

I made mention of Nancy's note to me and how it had moved me on my site this week as well. The result of that being that one of the posters at picked it up, ridiculed the sincerity of the 82 year old African American mom, and began to give disingenuous lectures about the differences in Arab vs. Persian Islamic theology.

Thinking themselves witty, some of them even made offensive and immoral inferences between Ahmadinejad and the elderly but quite patriotic lady.

It has always seemed to me that arrogant scoffing liberals always adopted the mentality, methodologies, and in this case even the propagandized thinking of our enemies. But the nearly 1000 comments left in response to this simple woman's gesture to stand and say "no" to a terrorist proved it.

The left in America is why the terrorists think they will defeat us.

I've said it for years, "Liberals are going to get us all killed."

And to the degree that the American left will adopt the lies of our enemies and repeat them as truth against we their fellow and concerned countrymen - I am forced to confirm those thoughts this day.

Ahmadinejad is responsible for many, if not most of the blown up American bodies in Iraq from Iranian made IEDs. His revolutionary guard troops, several of whom were captured in the recent surge, have violated Iraqi sovereignty so that this mad man could fight a proxy war with us. He is pledging to wipe Israel, America, and Britain off the maps - should he ever get the necessary nuclear power to do so. And he is lying, has lied, and is intending to continue to lie about the progress of his nuclear program.

It's for all these reasons and a dozen more that he should not be allowed to set foot in our nation. Yet there is not much neither you nor I can do about that.

But we CAN physically prevent him from getting near ground zero - which at 7:08pm Saturday evening is still on his schedule at 10am Monday morning.

My idea on-air was 2700 bodies between him and the site. We lost that many in that place that fateful morning six years ago.

Join us?

If you love your nation, and hope for the defeat of our enemies - stand with us?

Liberty Street and Broadway - I'll be there at 9am.

Evil visited this place before we could see it coming. We have been warned about this visit and how we respond this time is in our control!