Kevin McCullough

When the embodiment of death comes to pay its wishes, I have observed this week that many liberals embrace it, and normal people reject it. It is also worth mentioning that those who do evil take delight in misdirection, lies, and vague responses to specific questions. In doing so the liberals give "credit and tolerance" where "trust and verify" should actually be the policy. And in allowing this the far left in America give the impression that America is weak, not worth defending, and thusly our enemies grow emboldened as they plot their next attack upon us.

This week, like most Americans I was offended, outraged, and angered over the attempted bullying that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad blustered his plan to visit Ground Zero with. When the NYPD turned down the world's leading export of terror on his request to use their services and permission to secure his way to the bottom of the Ground Zero pit we New Yorkers cheered. Then came the very bold move of announcing his visit, using his Secret Service escort in defiance of the wishes of NYPD. Congressmen like Peter Kind attempted to pull the funding for Secret Service assignment to the Persian version of Adolph Hitler, but was unsuccessful.

Late Thursday after talk radio had buzzed about it for roughly 24 hours, Matt Drudge leaked a partial transcript of Sunday night's 60' Minutes - not yet aired - interview with Ahamdinejad. The headline across Drudge seem to satisfy the mainstream media and the connection to Ground Zero disappeared completely from the headlines with the emphasis moving to the speech he would give later in the day at Columbia University.

There was but one small problem. In the leaked interview transcript Ahmadinejad never confirms that he took the Ground Zero stop off his schedule. In fact he confirms in the interview that he still has it on his schedule.

Little Green Footballs was, to my knowledge, the primary voice who did not yet believe what the press had accepted at less than face value. In fact at press time for this column, written especially late in the day, much to my editor's chagrin the Iranian owned Islamic Republic News Agency is STILL reporting that Ahmadinejad is intending to go to Ground Zero. His arrival time is expected to be 10am. Iran is also protesting New York's anti-hospitable view on the matter.