Kevin McCullough

Though they have a hard time recognizing it or even admitting it, liberals in America, are sowing the seeds for the future annihilation of America as we know it.

I say they have a hard time recognizing it, because when conservatives validate such theories, liberals like Los Angeles based talk show host Stephanie Miller makes a joke of it when opposing me on CNN. She said that she "like most Democrats, want to be killed by a terrorist." They're dismissive, derisive, and instead of answering the substance - they resort to snorting at those of us who make the observation. They go to great lengths to defend the New York Times, who told Al Qaeda of our counter terrorism methods regarding the listening in on their phone calls, and the sniffing out and freezing of their money supplies.

The liberals in my city - New York - are at it again, but what you do not realize is that this time, they are forcing us to not only tolerate the scheme but forcing you to cough open your wallet to help fund it.


By using federal as well as municipal tax-dollars to open, operate, and secure an Islamic Madrassa in Brooklyn cleverly disguised as a public school.

New York City has whined and complained about Homeland Security funds, but who in Washington D.C. could really justify putting two vans worth of extra police on security detail for a school this small?

The great con is that liberal Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his Democratic lackey NYC Schools Chancellor Joel Klein are out spreading the lie that their is no religious influence or indoctrination occurring at the school. So the tax-payers held their breath to see if Klein and Bloomberg were telling the truth.

They weren't!

The first lesson on the first day, of the first week of the new school year for the fifty-seven students that are attending the madrassa was a guest lecture by Imam Al-Hajj Talib Abdur-Rashid, of the Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood in Harlem.

No religious instruction? But the first lesson is by an Islamic religious leader?

And the subject of his first lesson: "Jihad!"

So you have a religious leader, teaching on one of the most controversial doctrines of the Islamic faith on the very first day, who could have guessed?

But this wasn't the first sign of trouble.