Kevin McCullough

The Senator's claim that the Idaho media or the Statesman in particular are out to get him falls flat. Every politician, particularly socially conservative politicians are targeted for every move they make. From reading the Statesman's expose, coupled with the police report it seems more unlikely that the Senator is telling the truth.

But… again… who pleads guilty to something they did not do?

On the rarest of occasions, like Jesus Christ on the cross for the sins of mankind, has someone taken the guilt for another but in the Senator's case what evidence of honor or valor did he exhibit. By his own verbal rationale it was to "keep things quiet."

If I were to be accused of anything close to this level of poor judgment/sin I would be shouting my innocence from the rafters. I would have demanded my attorney to be present. I would have made life so uncomfortable for the arresting officers and everyone else involved that hell would literally have frozen over before I copped to something I hadn't done.

I was asked on CNN if I felt this would rip the GOP apart. I said something similar to what I said concerning Mark Foley, "sexual deviants can't hurt the principles of the GOP."

Conservatives, particularly faith-based conservatives, expect the GOP to sheriff out the miscreants among its ranks. Liberals have no moral standards thus making it nearly impossible for a liberal to ever be accused of being a hypocrite. That also explains why they celebrate an adulterous President, push the most radical of sexual agendas upon the masses, and mock the aberrations of the other side.

Conservatives do have standards, expectations, and accountability.

Senator Larry Craig is certainly correct when stating that "he was not gay," but he is also proving to not be very smart either.

And the good people of Idaho and the nation deserve better.