Kevin McCullough

Senator Larry Craig is either incoherent or incompetent – or both. His press conference on Tuesday afternoon was exactly the wrong thing to do - on nearly every level. And I for one do not believe that most of his story holds.

Save this one item, when he stated clearly, "I am not gay!"

I'm sure there was no merriment whatsoever in his life the preceding number of hours up to the press conference.

If he meant that was "not homosexual" that too is also likely.

Homosexuality is not a state of defined being. Rather on the best science man has gathered we understand it to be a series of emotions, feelings, desires, choices, and most importantly behavior.

The fact that he has maintained a marriage for as long as he has demonstrates that he has chosen heterosexual behavior for most of his life.

In stating blatantly his non-gayness he took an adamant stand that he had not engaged in homosexual behavior, he reiterated his previous line of the police misconstruing his actions, and that he was only trying to "make it all go away" in pleading guilty to something he attempted to argue that he did not do.

Then there is also the matter of the police reports.

But what person ever agrees to guilt for something they didn't do?

Who doesn't have the foresight to call counsel and request representation especially in this day and age in which such allegations against a conservative will always be used as a whip to beat the living daylights out of the "moral values" section of the political right? Furthermore who doesn't even inform his wife of the nature of such allegations three months previous so that she is not "shocked and devastated" when the mainstream liberal media acts predictably and begins the assault on this person?

At this point and time Senator Craig is damaged beyond repairable good to his party, his constituents or to conservatives.

I was asked by the Lovely Bride Tuesday afternoon as I was preparing to discuss this on CNN that evening, "Why would he vote in favor of marriage all those times? Doesn't that perpetuate the blogosphere's claims that he is a self-hater?"

Perhaps but think about it like this...

The man represents a socially and morally conservative state. The expectations of the voters in Idaho were that he would vote to defend marriage. Surely this makes sense then that if he is only acting out on his homosexual inclinations in secret - he would raise no finger to stop the protection of marriage. Forget being a self-hating homosexual, his primary concern was to get re-elected.