Kevin McCullough

John Edwards, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton said they stood on journalistic principle when they months ago refused to accept the invitation of Brit Hume (America's most credible anchorman) and Fox News Channel (America's most watched news network) when FNC extended an invitation to host what would easily the most watched Democratic Presidential candidate debate to date. Attempting to smear Fox News as a less than credible broker of fair and balanced news coverage Edwards, then Obama, and finally Clinton waived at the invite.

So what kind of journalists do they have at LOGO-TV?

One of the lowest rated cable outlets in existence LOGO serves exclusively the communities of people who identify themselves by the type of perverse sexual activity they engage in. "Man/boy lovers", "butch/girly girl amores", "I like to go both ways," and the "I look like a girl but am I" crowds all make their way to LOGO-TV for some daily affirmations where they are told repeatedly, "do whatever you can imagine, and ignore the prudes who say otherwise."

Sure it doesn't sound on first blush (does anyone actually blush anymore) like it would be the kind of reputable "journalistically credible" type of media outlet that would attract serious presidential candidates. But then again that is oh so very year 2000 of me.

And sure... I'm completely convinced that the head of the Human Rights Campaign and very important cultural icons like Melissa Etheridge can carve up as equally challenging questions as could Brit Hume, Chris Wallace, and Wendell Goler…right.

But the world will never know... but not because Fox didn't try.

We will never be able to compare in the same campaign cycle the journalistic prowess of the type of lightweight questions Democratic candidates will face from the shoddy crew at Fox News Channel. After all who could argue with the intellectual, philosophical, economic, national security, and social conscience expertise of a network that prides itself on the number of different ways a human being can have engage in sexual behavior while at the same time avoiding good old fashioned marital sexual intercourse?

The truth is the HillaryEdwardsObama08 crew was scratching each others eyeballs out trying to be the first candidate to confirm that they would be participating in the August event.