Kevin McCullough

It is ironic isn't it?

On week after eight Muslim doctors were taken into custody for plotting three car bomb attacks in the U.K. only a week ago, and following the discovery of a plot in which forty-five Muslim doctors intend to penetrate America's borders and do the same thing - the reigning champion on Jeopardy this very weekend - is a Muslim doctor.

He's smart, well put together, and very, very knowledgeable about all of the categories in his two day run that relate especially to American politics, relatively unknown heads of state in the Middle East, and fared very well on some relatively obscure chemistry questions too.

Does that make him a jihadi bomber?

I'm not asserting anything of the sort - but the questions now run through my mind that didn't only two weeks ago.

We were told by liberals, and the anti-war left that these poor Muslims were acting out against the United States because of western aggression and 'unfair' economic policies that locked the jihadis in dirt poor conditions. We were told that they were just uneducated blokes whose only possible avenue of response had to be violence against innocent people.

I guess that line of reasoning doesn't hold up when 53 prominent, highly educated, and evidently pretty financially mobile physicians have decided that they will use their Mercedes, Land Rovers, and Jeep Cherokees to destroy us several dozen at a time.

Reacting to the newly uncovered "45 doc" plot against the U.S. this week I observed on my Monday broadcast that it seemed the terrorists had observed our decision to cast suspicion against "poor jihadis" and simply altered their tactics to be less noticeable. Physicians are able to move much more easily from nation to nation, and after all they've taken the Hippocratic Oath to uphold life... right?

As my phone lines lit up one caller, 'Debbie' from Philadelphia, professed to working as an airline flight attendant, she recounted multiple eerie and creepy encounters with Muslim men on recent flights. Her estimation was that these men were purposefully "testing her reaction" as well as the rest of the crew to see what would be done. From one passenger going to the lavatory only to return wearing a bandana (a la 'United 93') to an Arab male who refused to take his seat because he was asked to by a mere woman.