Kevin McCullough

There seems to be a pattern amongst the left and terrorists. They work together. Whether they do so intentionally or not is irrelevant. The actions of one are given cover by the others and in the end - they are all working for the same team.

Take the attempted terrorist bombings of this past week.

On Friday, due to some very fortunate timing by a police officer and a set of parking garage attendants two massively huge car bombs were dismantled. And while the actions of those people are commendable - let's face it, the main reason that thousands of Brits weren't dead was due to the fact that the cell phone triggers had not worked. The numbers had been dialed twice in an attempt to set them off. It should also be noted that the original positioning of the two Mercedes coupes were set up in perfect Al Qaeda style, one to scare foot traffic down the street in perfectly delayed fashion to arrive near the second car just in time to absorb the blast.

The investigations are on-going but we already have a clear picture of the driver of the first Mercedes and we know he is linked to Al Qaeda. We also know that the original green Mercedes was spotted in Scotland a couple of days before, then in Birmingham (a hotbed of anti-west jihadism) and then pulling up in front of the "Tiger Tiger".

Speaking of Scotland the day following the double car bomb attempt, authorities placed men in custody who appear to be from southeast Asia. Jim Halpert would call them "Pakistinannies." These guys attempted to drive either a Jeep Cherokee or a Land Rover into Glasgow airport. Funny enough - they had propane tanks, and the smell of petrol emanating from their vehicle as well.

Of course none of these Jihdistinannies would be free to be roving the streets of of the U.K. were it not for some oh so brilliant liberal legislation that has identified them as dangerous threats to the welfare of the public but is not able to detain them. The Brits call them a "control order." Its the liberal's way of attempting to slap a terrorist on the wrist and then instructing them to go play nicely. When in reality what it accomplishes is the public release of Islamic terrorists who go right back to the building of bombs.