Kevin McCullough

For the first part of the efforts the mayor has promised funding exclusively from the private sector to "study" the impact of literally "throwing money" at people who should be doing what they would now be paid to do. According to the Associated Press a family in the program could earn up to $6000 for doing things like: taking their child to the doctor, "high attendance" in school (note not perfect - just "high"), attending parent/teacher conferences, and even - get this - $150 a month for "working full time."

The Mayor got the idea from examining the thriving metropolitan areas of Brazil and Mexico - you know - where poverty has been eliminated.

Besides empowering the Mayor with an extremely powerful voting block for the future what is the ultimate goal?

Well if the program is successful he hopes to translate the dollars from the private sector to the public sector - thus allowing those of us taking our children to the doctor, forcing our kids to go to school everyday, attending parent teacher conferences, and keeping our jobs - the rare and sublime opportunity to pay others to do the same.

And once the program is transferred to public funding (via tax increases) what do you suspect the likelihood of it ever disappearing would be?

So how will Bloomberg's vision provide these cash rewards for 14,000 persons/families? All added up that comes to $84 million, of which he has raised $43 million to date.

Interestingly enough I spent the majority of my Tuesday broadcast discussing this program. I took close to two dozen calls on-air, all of them inner-city blacks, from Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. Several were single mothers, all of them described themselves as "financially struggling." Not one of them felt it was a good idea.

More importantly to a person they all felt insulted.

Liberals may not realize it - but good parents don't take their kids to the doctor because someone will cut them a check for $200. Good parents don't settle for 95% attendance and get crazy over the $50 that comes with it.

What I heard in call after call - especially from the single moms, was how hard they worked to get to parent/teacher conferences - because it was just good for their children.

Bloomberg's idea is similar to that of a crack cocaine dealer. You know the one who gives you the first snort for free.

Liberals loathe We The People and their contempt is showing in how they are governing, which is why we should relinquish that privilege from them as soon as possible.