Kevin McCullough

Regardless of partisan affiliation liberals seem to be on the war-path against the voice, votes, and welfare of those they work for: we the people. They are actively seeking to make them voiceless in the process of governing through supposed self-determination. They are also intent upon enslaving them to increasing government dependency for their basic needs, or to even entice them to live lawfully.

Such truths about the left should embarrass them. But they seem either too innocently dense, or purposefully hostile and arrogant towards those of us who put them in office to be willing to change direction.

This is a worrisome thing.

Last week the voice of the people was shut out of the process of weighing in on one of the most explosively controversial topics of the day - redefining marriage to include additional sexual couplings.

It is the prevailing wisdom to allow the people to decide the weightiest matters of our time but not so to the ruling Marxist Democrats of Massachusetts. 151 political elites in the combined houses of the state legislature voted AGAINST allowing the people of the state a voice to speak. They voted to prevent allowing the people the chance to decide for themselves how they would like to define marriage. 151 political elites prevented 6,400,000 plus citizens the right to say yes or no to the most controversial legislation of the day.

They did so because it is widely believed based on reputable polls that were the people of the state to decide for themselves how marriage would be defined that they would do so by saying simply, "marriage is a sacred sexual union of one man and one woman." They would do so on the basis that such unions offer the safest, healthiest environment for children to grow and prosper in.

And of course they would be right.

But the people be damned, the 151 elite have political debts to pay!

But liberal contempt for the people is a bipartisan effort. Consider Mayor Michael Bloomberg of my city - New York.

In the Tuesday news dailies across the boroughs swept the story of the mayor's "experimental" plan to "pay the poor for good behavior."