Kevin McCullough

Watching leading liberals openly discuss their faith is rather akin to thinking that porn stars are in some way serious thespians.

The fact that porn stars "act" in footage that is then recorded on film (or at least straight to video) is the closest they come to being anything like the great actors of their time. Come to think of it the porn stars might be closer, given that in ancient cultures the word actress meant prostitute. Still listening to the panderbytes offered up Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, and Barack Obama this week defied credulity by any serious Christian.

The top three polling DNC candidates were invited to a forum hosted by Jim Wallis, himself a former confessing evangelical. He was that is prior to the selling of his soul in exchange for abortion on demand, redefining marriage to include homosexual unions, condoms curing HIV, and the permanent enslavement of the impoverished to bigger and more corrupt government. How any of that spreads the gospel or makes disciples is a little beyond my ability to explain.

So on Monday night before a packed house of 1300 religious leftists Hillary Clinton was up first:

"I'm not sure I would have gotten through it (my husband's infidelity) without my faith."

Wait President Clinton was unfaithful? I thought it was a right wing conspiracy, a Ken Starr obsession, a Linda Tripp entrapment. Now you're saying it actually happened? Does this now explain why those lamps got thrown across the room and the repeated use of the "f" word in the private quarters of the White House? She continued:

"I am very grateful that I had a grounding in faith and that it gave me courage..."

Just curious at this point - what faith exactly? Does this faith have a diety? A sacred text?

"My extended faith family acted as prayer warriors for me."

So let me get this straight - your faith considers itself a family and combines prayer with jihad?

Next came John Edwards:

"If I have a day where I haven't sinned multiple times, I would be amazed."

Honesty... hmm a refreshing approach. But how does that confession impact your view of faith? It was a forum on faith.

"Well my faith came 'roaring back' in crisis... ...and still gives me strength to keep going."