Kevin McCullough

I think it’s fairly simple to deduce that since 74% of Republicans and 65% of Democrats oppose the senator on the amnesty giveaway bill he has authored, that his days of crank will only increase.

Thus perhaps why his campaign offered a new strategy on Friday. About mid-morning that day I got an e-mail explaining why the "majority" of Americans "support" many of the "provisions” of the amnesty plan. Three media stories were cited as proof. One was an editorial praising Lindsay Graham's support of the bill. One editorial claiming that strong borders reek of "nativism." And the last was the New York Times/CBS poll. The two editorials don't represent anything other than the single opinion of those men writing the columns - so really the campaign's e-mail ruse was all based on the "poll findings" of the New York Times/CBS.

The only problem there is that their "conclusions" based on some very broadly worded questions didn't go very far into how well the respondents understood the content of the bill. I mean if better than 70% of the senators who are scheduled to vote on it haven't read its 1000 pages - how is it reasonable to expect John Doe to answer a telephone poll with any real understanding of the matter?

Let me just cite one example: the "Z" Visa. Poll respondents were asked if they supported a "renewable 4 year visa" for those attempting to straighten out their status. Americans, being the compassionate types we are said "yes" a majority of the time.

But as the Heritage Foundation pointed out this week, this visa - once passed into law will do a great deal more than give relief until status is determined. The Z-visa is actually endlessly renewable. Meaning - until the death of the applicant. The Heritage study also pointed out that once word gets out that this visa is legal - the border rush that it will inspire will shatter all previous crushes of illegal immigration. And it makes sense doesn't it? If you can get into the country before a certain date - and get a document that essentially gives you a lifetime of status - while never having to go through the process of becoming a citizen of the new country - wouldn't everyone want to get in that way?

That leaves America attracting a permanently renewable sub-culture of residents who have no loyalty to America, and legal standing to be here. Throw in a few voting rights and you then have a civilization in a political fight for its own future against people who live here, who have no loyalty to America, and have no requirement to defend our Constitution.

Ask these questions about the Z-visa and my wager is that even the NYTimes and CBS would've shown a different outcome in the polling data. And for McCain's attempt to use such thinly veiled propaganda against us is despicable.

Senator McCain, we the American people know what we believe. We know why we believe it. Cursing our fence, railroading fellow Senators and Presidential nominees, and telling us to believe polls that distort what we actually believe will not cause us to change our minds.

Not on anything, rather, than defeating you in the 2008 primary!