Kevin McCullough

Halpert: "Question: Which political party embraces the subjugation of women in beyond despicable terms...?"

Schrute: "Answer: Well that depends..."

Halpert: "False... the correct answer is the Democratic party."

Schrute: "Wait... what's going on Jim?"

Halpert: "What's the difference between morally vacuous Democrats, Godless Liberals, and pushy purveyors of porn?"

Schrute: "Let me see..."

Halpert: "Time's up, trick question, they are one and the same."

Isn't it interesting that only a few months ago your humble correspondent points out that Barack Obama doesn't share biblical values as it relates to moral behavior (particularly when someone's life is hanging in the balance) and screeches of contempt raise the ire of "America's Pastor?"(With extra heavy emphasis on the "")

Only weeks ago I pointed out that Barack Obama’s pastor Dr. Jeremiah Wright would prefer to blame white people for everything as opposed to preaching the biblical doctrine of human depravity. In response an e-mailer went so far as to irrationally threaten attempted blackmail to silence me for pointing out... ...the truth.

It causes me to wonder, "Why do liberals desire so much to be measured by biblical standards when it is obvious they do not care about them?"

Take the current affair that the porn industry is having with the Democratic nominees for 2008. This week it's had all the passion of a one night stand. Porn stars, porn editors, and really, really, really dirty old men are just exploding with campaign cash and endorsements for what they consider to be the new DNA of the Democratic field. Perhaps out of tribute to the fallen Jerry Falwell, this week, the Obama and Hillary campaigns competed for the top porn dollars.

It is true that Hillary had a bit of a head start because a month ago the much Viagra-ed Hugh Hefner gave the maximum amount allowable to the Clinton campaign. He hasn't offered to hold a fund-raising event at the mansion for her just yet, but give it time.