Kevin McCullough

Mayor Rudy Giuliani intended to use the chance to address students and faculty at Houston Baptist University on Friday to boost his image and clarify his position - particularly on abortion. He also hoped to energize what is beginning to look like a campaign that is in complete meltdown.

He failed on every level.

Coming out of the first Presidential Candidate debate he was established as the clear loser in many respects. His mumbling, stumbling, bumbling and shrugging of the shoulders on the simple question put to him on the issue of Roe v. Wade truly isolated him from the rest of the field.

He is also bending believability.

In his address at HBU on Friday he took more time than I had heard him use in the past to describe the "two pillars" of his thinking on the matter.

The first pillar is his supposed personal belief that abortion is "deeply, profoundly, and always morally wrong." He belabored the point by emphasizing that if he were to counsel someone personally, that he would always advise them against abortion and would encourage them to have the baby. Once born, if they were unable to care for it, he would encourage them to consider the adoption option.

His second pillar was his belief that our society "must always grant the woman" the "right to make the choice". He didn't really elaborate on the specifics of what they would be choosing, but we are to assume that the choices are somewhere between the "always morally right" decision to have a child, or the "always immoral" decision to kill one.

The Mayor continued by addressing the issue of partial birth abortion. He added that he felt it should have been kept legal to protect the life and health of the mother. Interestingly enough the American Medical Association has denounced this method of ever being medically necessary to "save a woman's life." And the word "health" could be interpreted as lightly as "mental health" which could be interpreted as lightly as "I just don't FEEL like having this baby" which you then realize is in fact a term that means nothing.

Giuliani also seemed to imply that he opposed federal funding for abortion as part of his "giving the woman the option."

He then pledge to work to limit abortions, put restrictions on them, and for added good measure he bragged that adoptions went up under his administration in New York by some 130%.