Kevin McCullough

Feminist "mothers" are more than willing to expose their daughters to indecent and even dangerous elements. They will do so for no more of a reason than to simply make a buck. And in doing so they create an interesting comparison for traditional parents who want more than anything to simply spend time with their children. This is the ultimate debate between progressive vs. traditional values, and the children are begging for parents to get it right.

This last week amidst the many infamous pieces of audio to emerge in the headlines, none was more reviled than the voice-mail leaked by Kim Basinger to the gossip website TMZ. On it Alec Baldwin, father of their daughter Ireland, is heard expressing his frustration with the "system" that only allows him to be in contact with his daughter twice every seven days, and for no more than 30 minutes at a time. Alec has admitted that in doing so he crossed an inappropriate boundary and spoke things to his daughter that he shouldn't have. Baldwin has also apologized to his daughter, as well as to the public via "The View" on the Friday broadcast.

Women callers on my radio show reacted to Baldwin's outburst with compassion. It is easy to ascertain by listening to the recording that Baldwin is a father who is being manipulated in not being allowed to have full and normal access that God designed a father and daughter to enjoy. Divorce lawyers are like a damnable curse on society and in the Baldwin case seem to have succeeded on driving a complete wedge between father and daughter. Any decent person understands that parents say things they don't always mean but they also understand that good and decent fathers, "would chew their way through a concrete wall" to spend time with their kids.

The liberated feminists in our society see this as the ultimate victory. Eliminating men from the lives of children in their book is a very good thing.

But is it?

Are feminists of any higher caliber when it comes to parenting and wanting what is best for their children? We are told they are, and the slimy divorce lawyer/judge system sees to it that the fix is in.

Another story hit the headlines this week but did not get the graphic portrayal of the Baldwin case on cable, radio, and gossip pages on the internet.