Kevin McCullough

In what is widely seen as a violent and horrid week in our nation's history one thing became increasingly clear: Liberals will tolerate, embrace and even advocate for violent, maniacal, and bloody killing that takes innocent life. They will do so especially if they believe it benefits them politically.

It was a tragic week in so many ways.

Starting with the still unexplained naked, raw aggression of one university student snuffing out 32 faculty and students on the campus of Virginia Tech, followed by copycat threats and even arrests across the nation, and it ended with one more lone gunman snuffing out the life of a hostage at NASA.

What was even more disturbing was exactly how far liberal democrat candidates for president would go to pander for a vote.

No reflective, thoughtful, or civilized person in America this week could dare to look upon the unwarranted bloodshed of the innocent and have even one ounce of tolerance for such actions. The trauma these events had on our collective psyche as a nation seemed to erode differences amongst people who see themselves as separated by partisan disagreement. For these few days the moral absolute of not shedding innocent blood, even the Old Testament biblical mandate of "Thou shall not commit murder", was easily agreed upon.


For Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards the answer is a shocking, "NO!"

These candidates refused to see what all of America could easily see that the taking of an innocent person's life - especially young people that have still so much to live for, so much to yet accomplish, so much to see, do and contribute to this world - is always morally evil.

They made speeches, sent out campaign letters, and blasted e-mail lists not 48 hours after the killings at Va. Tech that not only refused to call the violent taking of innocent life evil, but had the gall to insist upon voters making a statement in 2008 - by also embracing their beliefs.

Let me say that more clearly.

The three leading candidates for President for the Democratic Party want you to support their candidacy for President in 2008 because they believe you agree with them on the violent taking of innocent human life.